Many Emails I’ve gotten have asked similar questions. I thought I’d address them here.

Q: Do you have (missing miniature) and if so can you scan it?
A: I’ve scanned all the monster and hero figures I have. As such, no I do not have sets such as the mercenaries. If I happen to come by them, I will scan them with time.

Q: Are you still working on the project?
A: As of today (4/24/18) Yes. I return to the school every Tuesday for a few hours to work on this project a little more. Plans ahead are to scan the furniture from the base set.

Q: Can I buy these prints from you?
A: Not at the present time. I never intended to have people pay for these. I will be accepting donations soon once I’ve set that up. Donations will go toward getting a 3D Scanner of my own so I can work faster.

If any of your questions haven’t been answered, please feel free to visit my Contact Page.

Thank you all for your time and support. Really made me want to come back and work on this.