Hello Everyone, I’ve decided to keep a small page here for updates on current work I’ve been doing! If all goes well, I should be able to get more models done and ready, and hopefully propel the site forward.

This section is to primarily give news about my site, and upcoming work I plan to do. For updates on projects.

I want to thank all of you first of all, you’ve been very uplifting and supportive for this project. I had no idea you would all enjoy this so much.

-UPDATE 1- 04/24/18

I’ve begun work again! It’s not much, but I  can come in for a few hours each Tuesday.

Here’s the plan so far:
– A twitter page is in the works, and I should have that up by the next week or so.
– I hopefully will have a donation plan set up soon. All proceeds will go to getting a 3D Scanner for home use which will make these trips less costly and speed up my workflow considerably.

I’ve also got a model I’m working on right now. Hopefully this will wet your appetite for more to come.